What are Pioneer Thursdays?

What are Pioneer Thursdays?

At the Hub of Human Innovation, we know that El Paso is a city of and for pioneers.

Pioneer Thursday is a gathering to learn, share stories and innovate together. Our goal is to grow and connect El Paso’s innovation community. Plan to attend any of the sessions scheduled for the afternoon – hopefully more than one. You can also just come, hang out, and make new friends. 

Pioneer Thursdays are free and open to the public. All we ask that you abide by the Pioneer Thursday Code of Conduct.

Keep in mind that Pioneer Thursdays is not a venue for hard selling. Come to make and cultivate meaningful connections and have interesting conversations, not to sell your product or service to everyone you meet.

If you would like to host a session at a Pioneer Thursday, fill out this form. Before you do, as yourself: How does my information or topic help make our community more creative? How does it help build a more conducive environment for innovation in our city and region? How does it help translate ideas into action?