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Ready to launch a business?

Have a great idea?

Want to better understand your customer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the course for you. Startup Now!
Most startups fail because they focus more on how to deliver a product than on the needs of people buying it. This course provides a concentrated overview of the Customer Development Process, Business Model Canvas and Minimal Viable Product. By understanding customers, startups reduce the risk of failure.

The Hub’s Shift – Startup Now program is an accelerator program that provides participants  with real-world, hands-on learning experience with how to successfully transfer knowledge into products and processes that help their company or idea grow. During the entire program participants engage with customers. They learn from talking to customers, partners and competitors, and from the uncertainties that come with the process of commercializing a product and developing a venture.

Shift is based on the business model generation canvas created by Alexander Osterwalder, and the “lean-startup model” popularized by Steve Blank. Lean-startup focuses on engaging potential customers and partners in the early stages of product development. By testing concepts early, entrepreneurs find out what customers and partners want – what works and what doesn’t – and use that information to build a product that is ready to launch faster with less risk.

This is a hands-on, customer-centered model for people who are looking for an idea, have an idea or have a business. Even if you don’t have an idea but want to be an entrepreneur this course allows you to work through the program testing a real product and give you a leg up when you decide to start your own business, and in your classes.

Saturday June 17 2017

5:00 AM – 2:00 PM
500 West Overland Ste. 230
Cost: $40.     Students: $30

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