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Click here to get started and become a Resident or Affiliate client of Hub of Human Innovation. Once you complete the Inquiry Form we will contact you to discuss the complete application process.


The Hub nurtures the development of innovative startups, helping them survive and grow especially during the start-up period when they are most vulnerable. We also assist businesses that are expanding, relocating, or simply need direction to move their business forward.

The Hub Client is an entrepreneur or innovator representing a startup venture opportunity in the Paso del Norte Region. The Hub is also the “soft landing” launch pad for global businesses wanting to establish an operating base in the region.

All Hub Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Commitment to create, develop, or expand a US business venture with employment in the Paso del Norte Region
  • Commitment to ongoing Hub relationship – Not just development of a Business Plan (e.g. for competition)
  • Innovative, scalable business opportunity, preferably with identifiable intellectual property
  • Entrepreneur or inventor serious about the venture (time & resources)
  • Reasonable time to market for products/services (within 3 years)
  • Coachable attitude
  • Nature of business must be legal
  • Acceptable background check

The Hub serves two types of clients:

Affiliate Clients have access to The Hub facilities during normal operating hours (8am to 5pm Monday — Friday).

Resident Clients receive the following additional benefits:

  • 24/7 secured access to The Hub facilities
  • Dedicated, furnished space onsite [private office (~ 85 square feet enclosed) or cubicle (~ 75 square feet)]
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)/Phone Internet
  • Receipt of mail
  • Utilities and janitorial service
Incubation Packages:
Physical Incubation Package
  • Executive Offices $675 per mo with a $675 Security Deposit
  • Cubicle Offices $525 per mo with a $525 Security Deposit
Incubation Package for Affiliates
  • Pre-revenue companies @ $100 per month
  • Annual revenue of $35k to $75k @ $200 per month
  • Annual revenue of over $75k to $100k @ $250 per month
  • Annual revenue of over $100k to $150k @ $300 month
  • Annual revenue of over $150k @ $325 month

Step 1: Pre-application – Complete the Inquiry Form online.  A this point we may schedule a meeting or conference with Hub Staff to discuss the idea/business opportunity and The Hub value proposition.  A mutual NDA may be executed at this time.

Step 2: Application Once you have determined you would like to become a Hub company submit the complete Application Form and pay the $60 application fee. The application briefly describes your business concept and service needs. It includes basic information about the business: the contact information; space requirement, time frame for needed space; description of existing relationship with The Hub (if any); description of business, products/ services under development; release form for background check; and other applicable details.

Step 3: Background Check and Due Diligence — Hub staff will conduct an application review, confidential criminal background check, credit check, and other general due diligence. Applicants that are declined at this point will either be redirected to other services or receive recommendations to implement for possible re-application at a later date.

Step 4: Orientation – If your business meets the application requirements, you will be contacted by The Hub staff to schedule an in-person orientation. Our staff reviews The Hub’s expectations and requirements for the client, and provides an overview of client policies and procedures. A contract for either Affiliate or Resident Hub Client status and other required documents are executed at this time, including a mutual NDA if one is not already in place.

The Hub requires a $60.00 application processing fee. If your company is from outside the United States or requires special processing that fee may increase.  Please contact us if you have questions. Applications will not be reviewed without payment. Use PayPal to submit your fee.

The Hub Client application and intake process can take two weeks or less from submission of the application. We share due diligence findings and information with company applicants and works with applicants to address key issues that need to be addressed in an effort to progress in the due diligence process.


We will also help with referrals to qualified advisors, mentors and service providers for those companies that apply but are not selected to participate in The Hub’s program.


If you apply and are not selected, you may apply in the future after addressing the key due diligence issues identified by The Hub during the review process.