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The Hub’s current clients:

Alka Genesis
Alka Genesis is developing a broad range of products to bring to market. The initial products are the Alka Genesis, a health care supplement, and Permian Super Fuel (PSF), a fuel additive that in initial studies improves fuel efficiency by at least 15%. They are preparing several other products for commercialization.


awr logoAmerican Water Recycling
American Water Recycling’s nanofiltration (NF) technology enables industries to discharge safe, clean, re-useable water using a process that is economically and environmentally sustainable. Once filtered the water can be then used for a variety of purposes, including agricultural irrigation. Their technology allows industries to eliminate expensive disposal fees, elaborate pretreatments and risky chemical treatments.


atlas water logoAtlas Regeneration
ATLAS Regeneration Technologies Inc.’s initial product is a patent pending UTEP developed technology featuring an external sensor called CalSensor II for water softeners.  The CalSensor maximizes utilization of water softener capacity while minimizing salt and water consumption from regenerations. The company has developed a working electronic system for the sensor and UTEP is continuing to develop sensors and evaluate other softeners. Atlas won the Paso del Norte Venture Competition student track and competed in Austin as part of the Global Venture Labs competition.


Butler Healthcare
In response to the shortage of physicians and lack of advance diagnostic services in the Paso Del Norte region and the growing frustration among patients over long wait times, Butler Healthcare was formed. Butler Healthcare is a one stop outpatient facility that specializes in Oncology, Internal Medicine, Alternative Medicine, and Urgent Care. Their facilities offer patients a multi-physician, multi-specialty care including advance diagnostic imaging, full service laboratory services and pharmacy services. A “concierge physician” service will also be available for clients who desire that service.


evo airEvolved Aircraft Systems, DBA EvoAir
Innovative aircraft product lines for manufacturers seeking to improve safety, enhance flight handling, and customized solutions for vehicle operating procedures. The Company’s mission is to provide the general aviation industry with innovative products to enhance aircraft safety, performance, and overall luxury.


Intagliati logo Intagliati
gliati provides diverse wood products that are digitally designed and fabricated allowing for mass customization.   Additionally, it provides design services and custom 2D, 2.5D and 3D cutting, engraving and carving.  Products are manufactured just in time, made to order, in any volume, one piece or as many as desired.


LIMBS offers high functioning, low cost prosthetic limb solutions that can be made and repaired locally. The mission of LIMBS International is to transform the lives of amputees throughout the developing world by restoring their ability to walk. They create sustainable solutions that local clinicians can proudly claim as their own, while improving the lives of their countrymen.



Please check back for more information on Navitus.




unnamedPhidev Inc.
Phidev Inc. is a custom software development company that specializes in harvesting the power of the web and mobile devices to help businesses run easier and smoother with less. Phidev becomes partners with their clients to develop the best possible custom software for all their clients’ needs, from the solo entrepreneur to the small to medium sized business. Phidev is committed to helping their client’s grow through effective mobile and web strategies.


unnamed (1)PhotoKinetics
PhotoKinetics is a tunable LED lighting systems targeted to relieve stress-related symptoms many of which are currently being treated with costly drugs that have undesirable side effects.  The PhotoKinetics light systems are designed to be more economical, safer, and use the body’s natural physiological mechanisms to alleviate harmful effects.


ruskat logo

Ruskat Medical
Ruskat Medical designs, manufactures and distributes mobile medical diagnostic device. Hospital-In-A-Box is a handheld device which can perform a myriad of health tests and was developed by a practicing ER doctor. Health care providers can quickly and easily perform comprehensive medical examinations anywhere in the world and transmit the results via wireless technology using the portable Hospital-In-A-Box. Quickly sharing patient information including multiple examination results, and their corresponding digitized images with others, in order to properly and accurately evaluate the health of the patient.


XLR8 O2 Fitness
XLR8 O2 Fitness is a unique exercise method utilizing state-of-the-art oxygen stations and unique exercise equipment in a new concept for health and fitness. Designed to work in a quarter of the time as traditional methods with superior results, XLR8 O2 Fitness not only provides unique oxygen stations to medical patients and other clientele, but they are the sole licensees of the revolutionary XLR8 Power Trainer. XLR8 O2 Fitness represents a revolutionary new way to exercise with oxygen and range of motion to revitalize and regenerate every cell in the human body.


AnkorLogoVFB Enterprises
VFB Enterprises has developed the patent pending Ankor device which improves the wearer’s posture throughout the day. This gentle reminder helps the wearer keep their back straight and shoulders back while sitting or standing and can be worn all day. This device is more affordable, comfortable and user-friendly than the competitors on the market.

Anchor Clients of The Hub:

downloadOrtiz & Lopez, PLLC
Ortiz & Lopez (“O&L”) is an intellectual property law firm with the proven ability to provide its clients with quality patent, trademark, copyright and other intellectual property legal services. O&L is one of the largest intellectual property law firms in New Mexico and West Texas and represents a broad range of clients, including emerging and established companies, universities and individual inventors.

Past clients of The Hub:

no photoAllCepa Resources, Ltd.
AllCepa plans to find innovative ways to use the discarded exterior layers, tops, and bottoms of onions to create one or more of the following products: dyes for yarns and fabrics, dietary supplements, food thickeners, onion flavoring, and biomass for generating electricity. AllCepa intends to use environmentally friendly processes, discovered through research by universities and private organizations, to convert the onion waste into these products.


AztecAztec Algae LLC
Please check back for more information about Aztec Algae LLC.




no photoInterlinx
Interlinx is a design and development firm with revolutionary design and development solutions for near net-zero buildings and communities.


Halo logoHaloSaucer
HaloSaucer’s “HaloTx” model vertical takeoff and landing skycraft’s proprietary rotary engine design is state-of-the-art, high performance and fuel efficient. It offers significant advantages and new technology applications, particularly as compared to traditional helicopters. The concept has received considerable interest from potential customers, including the military and homeland security sectors.


heliotrop logoHeliotrop
Founded in 2009 by a team of graduate engineers and MBA’s, Heliotrop’s mission is to design solar energy systems that are competitive with traditional fossil fuel sources. Heliotrop, based in Lyons, France, has developed concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) technology that combines high-efficiency solar cells and low cost manufacturing. Heliotrop’s CPV solar system has a lower cost per watt due to its higher energy concentration level, innovative design, and optimized manufacturing process. In 2010, Heliotrop was awarded the Grand Prix de l’innovation from the City of Paris along with the Prix Special du Jury from CleanTech Republic. Currently, Heliotrop is beginning its international expansion, focusing on the Middle East, North Africa, and North America.


Jarvam aims to simplify business with their web based Retail/Distribution Platform. For the first few years, Jarvam focused on creating specialized systems for optical stores and distribution centers that offer various advantages over generic systems. Currently, over 50 stores in Mexico are using this software with positive results. Jarvam is planning on expanding its operations into other Latin American countries as well as creating a similar Point-of-Sale system for tablets.


pasolus logoPasolus LLC
Pasolus engineers design, execute, and finance tailored smart energy programs for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Through strategic partnerships with various technology developers, manufacturers and financiers, Pasolus seeks to maximize utility savings, reduce carbon emissions, and promote community awareness.


roofcare (1)El Paso RoofCARE
El Paso Roofcare is a Commercial Roofing Contractor that provides cost-efficient and green alternatives to roof replacement. They specialize in roof repair and maintenance services that can extend the life of your roof dramatically, eliminating unnecessary and premature roof replacement. Their services include Leak Response, Inspection/Diagnostics, Preventative Maintenance, Corrective Repairs, Service Contracts, Roof Renovation and Roof Replacement. On average, El Paso Roofcare’s clients save 60% when compared to replacement and can receive up to a 20 year warranty!


sarkar logoSarkar Defence
Specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative and highly effective ballistic body armor and tactical equipment. Sarkar provides defense products that are designed to be effective, versatile and reliable. Products include helmets, vests, bomb blankets, armor plates, shields, demining face shields, tactical clothing and ballistic accessories. Sarkar has a relationship with companies like DuPont Kevlar, DSM Dyneema and Honeywell. They have done business with the Spanish Navy, the United Arab Emirates, Special Police from Abu Dhabi , and the US Army in Iraq.


Spira® was initially invented by runners for runners who simply wanted more enjoyable, longer and productive runs. Out of these ideas, Spira® was born. The patented and unique WaveSpring® technology offered something amazing: incredible cushioning and impact protection against the pounding, stress and fatigue associated with the sport. But the unexpected happened. The technology also helped people in many other activities and situations as well. Through the remarkable support of friends, the community and others, the dream of starting Spira® became a reality. Spira is offering clients, family and friends of The Hub a 20% discount on the purchase of a pair(s) of Spira shoes.  Just enter discount code:  thehub20 at checkout to receive the special Spira discount.

TEAM Technologies, Inc.
An advanced engineering and electronics manufacturing company headquartered in Albuquerque, NM that is expanding into the Paso del Norte region . Their expertise is in the design and fabrication of unique and complex devices requiring instrumentation and controls, and precision machining.


images (1)Vulcan Energy Systems
Vulcan Energy Systems (VES) is a full-service energy solutions company providing design, build, and engineering services and products specializing solar power generation, energy management, electrical contracting, power systems management, operations and maintenance, LED lighting sales, and energy storage. VES supports both the public and private sectors to provide construction, energy, and technology solutions that ensure uninterrupted power and promote sustainability while lowering utility costs and saving energy.