1 Million Cups comes to El Paso

As part of an effort to boost entrepreneurship and startup activity in the region, the Hub of Human Innovation business incubator is bringing a new community program to El Paso called 1 Million Cups.

Created by the nonprofit Kauffman Foundation, 1 Million Cups is a national program organized weekly by local startup communities in more than 100 cities.

Entrepreneurs and businesspeople gather over coffee to hear startup pitches and make connections.

“Whether you are a student and have an idea or have been in business 10 years and you have idea, the whole point is to come and share your story,” says Nancy Lowery, Hub vice president of operations.

The program will be held 9-10 a.m. Wednesdays at the Hub of Human Innovation, 500 W. Overland, and gives two entrepreneurs or startup founders – anybody with an idea – six minutes to talk. The talks are followed by 20-minute question-and-answer sessions.

Those who want to present are required to submit an application online and watch educational videos from the Kauffman Foundation’s “Powerful Presentations” series.

The program kicks off Feb. 1. It’s free and open to the public. Tania Chozet with Metropia, an app that helps commuters avoid traffic, will give a talk.

“Every week, we’ll be there,” Lowery says. “You don’t have to RSVP. We’ll just come together and have some coffee and learn from each other.

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