Hub Board Member Published in ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters

Hub Board Member and Mentor, Dr. Ruth G. Perez, Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences in the center of Excellence for Neurosciences at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso and Paul L Foster School of Medicine has published a seminal paper describing new compounds with potential for treating Parkinson’s disease.

The manuscript, entitled “Novel FTY720-Based Compounds Stimulate Neurotrophin Expression and Phosphatase Activity in Dopaminergic Cells” was published May 30th in the journal ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters. The work was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Jeffrey Arterburn of New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. The co-authors of the paper include Javier Vargas-Medrano, Sesha Krishnamachari, Ernesto Villanueva, Wesley H. Godfrey, Haiyan Lou, Ramesh Chinnasamy, Jeffrey B. Arterburn, and Ruth G. Perez.

Please click here to access the paper.